Testing Advice — More from the Seniors

By Nique Salapare


     1. DON’T STUDY…

… the day before the test! Don’t study two days before the test! You can study three days before the test, but doing so is not advised!

If you study the night before, you will wear yourself out less than 24 hours before the test when you could be getting a decent amount of sleep. Drilling through questions and doing practice tests may even discourage you. You could lose even more motivation, and you definitely won’t be ready to tackle the test the next day.

Instead, give yourself ample time WAY BEFORE the test date to study. On the day before, treat yoself. Watch some Parks and Rec or any of your favorite shows on Netflix (the day before, mind you). Eat your favorite snacks. Try to think of anything but the test, and know that whatever happens, you will be okay.


You can’t expect to get a perfect score without looking a single practice practice question unless you’re a prodigy. Do yourself a favor and do at the very least one full practice test.


Take out unnecessary stress in your life and make sure you have everything ready the day before the test. There is nothing, I repeat, nothing worse than waking up and realizing that your calculator is out of batteries. You do not want to be barreling your way through your nearest grocery store to the school supplies section to grab a pack of pencils. Save yourself, and take ten minutes to check everything the night before.


“Specifically for the critical reading section…pay attention to keywords like, however, because it helps you to notice that something really important happened!”
– Martina Kushwaha

“Learn to move on. If it looks vaguely like you’ll get stuck on a question, skip it and go back to it later. Sometimes later questions will help you figure out the answer to previous questions.”
– Emily Mam

“Use all the resources you have and start early.”
– Niko Aquino

“1. Never “start tomorrow.” Tomorrow’s pass crazily fast and suddenly the test is Saturday and suddenly it’s the morning of. Those three hours are rough but it’ll be better if you start now.
2. At a certain point, be happy with your best. Tests aren’t everything and killing yourself for 50 points isn’t worth it. Be happy that you’ve done all that you can do.
3. Flip flops and chocolate are your best friends on testing day. Never have I loved chocolate more, and never have I anxiously wiggled my toes so much during a test.”
– Margaux Sullivan