Faculty Appreciation with Starbucks

Show your appreciation to the faculty at Villanova with their favorite Starbucks drink!

Tyler Hart Carmel Macchiato
Christelle Naddaf Green tea Frappachino with java chips and whipped cream
Julia Munoz grande decaf iced americano with raw sugar and an inch of soy milk
Julie Hedrick Oprah Cinnamon Chai Tea Latte
Brian Galetto Pike Place Coffee with a dash of cream-
Casey Grant grande iced white chocolate mocha nonfat milk or grande iced carmel macchiato nonfat milk-
Jane Cotti Ice Passion Fruit Unsweetened Tea
Donna Jones Chai Latte –
Terry Maulhardt cappuccino Mrs. Maulhardt
Amy Richardson Passion ice tea lemonade-
Craig Carroll iced grande whole milk green tea latte, with whip
Marissa Carroll Grande Whole Milk Double Dirty Chai
Jermaine Britton Pikes Plain
Mr. B Grisin Black Iced Tea Lemonade
Ana Walsh Carmel Macchiato with half the syrup
Nancy O’Sullivan Mocha Frappuccino
Elise Burgett Ice caramel macchiato with half the syrup
Dr. Lee regular coffee
Timothy Bunce Frappacino: Vanilla or Salted Caramel.
Mr. A. Calisto Grande Coffee Frappaccino with One Pump of Vanilla
Father Alvin Paligutan Peppermint hot tea
Doctor Mallon black coffee
Carmen Seligman One shot of espresso decaf Americano with one Splenda two percent milk and whipped cream
Nurse Caramel frapachino