Hogar Tiki Dance

On Friday, Feb. 19th, Villanova students danced the night away at the Outdoor Tiki Dance, the annual fundraising dance organized by the Hogar Infantil club.

The Outdoor Tiki Dance was one unlike any other, with the dance held outside of the gym. As students checked in at the “doors,” they were given leis to get into the spirit of the dance. The outdoor environment created a fun, lively atmosphere, and mixed with the DJ’s playlist, it was impossible for students not to be excited! Matthew Richards (‘18) commented on the dance, saying, “It was an exciting experience, having the dance outside.” The decorations made the dance even more special, with colorful beach balls and beautiful lights surrounding the space.

DSC_0420Alongside the music and dancing, there were other fun activities to partake in at the dance. On one side of the space, students had the option of participating in a bean bag toss. The beach balls and streamers made for some very interesting games of volleyball. As promised, there was delicious food; people could take a break from the dance floor to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, cookies, and other snacks that were offered. Groups of friends were also able to capture the fun memories of the dance on camera at the student-run photo booth corner.

The hard work Hogar Infantil members put into this dance was evident, and it is what made the dance successful. Sandy Ahumada, a junior officer in Hogar, shared how they wanted to “show thanks [to the student body] for all the support by making the dance fun.” The club was able to raise more than $1,400 from the dance alone to support the orphanage in Mexico.