Girls’ Water Polo vs. Filmore: A Birthday Victory

By Paola Cuesta and Alena Willbur

On January 22nd on a Friday afternoon, Villanova’s varsity water polo team had one of the most exciting games of the season, winning against Fillmore 11-0. The game took place at Villanova, allowing the students to come and support the team. All players fought hard in the pool, showing the true spirit teamwork and a strong athleticism combined. With junior player Anastasia Marks scoring an impressive five goals in the first quarter alone, along with goals by juniors Lauren Graf, Margaux Sullivan, the team’s momentum only built up from there. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the team’s number one goalie Katie Norris, not letting Fillmore score a single point.

Even when tired armHappy Birthday Coachs struggled to beat on with the ball, the lady wildcats crushed Fillmore–– awarding birthday gift for Coach Britton. However, pushing themselves to victory as a team is not the only thing the water polo team take pride in; they have fun, too. The hard work of the team with daily practices, in rain and shine, with a mix of laughs and bonding unity, reflects in their game, but most of all, in coach Britton for forming such a team. This game was not one to miss, to say the least.

Teammates for Life Game Ready

Congratulations to the players and coaches for their effort and dedication this season Students, do not stop going to the games; your presence helps the players to play better.